Nymavu’s Story - April 5th 2000

Nymavu Apothecary

Breast Cancer Story

    April 5, 2000 - “Cynthia, you have breast cancer.” I became frozen in that moment.  Thoughts began to FLOOD my mind.  My youngest two daughters were only eight and twelve years old.  I can’t leave then now!      

    I blurted out – “You just handed me a Death Sentence!  I was told – “NO! we’ve caught it early and medical treatment has greatly improved.”  My Oncologist described me as “Emotionally Fragile.

    As the midnight hours passed, at one point, I heard “Be Still and Know That I Am God.  These Words (Psalm 46:10) got me through the rest of that night and have carried me through these past 21 years!

    Be Still – In our microwave, hurry up society; especially for mothers, being still doesn’t even seem like an Option!  But, we have to take a deep breath, focus and just “STOP.

    And Know – This Battle is not yours!  Get a team of physicians who you trust and have confidence!

    That I AM God

El Emet           - God of Truth.

El Hakaavod   - God of Glory.

El Rakhum       - Merciful God.

Elohim Aizar    - God our Helper.

    Trust and Know HE keeps track of all our sorrows.  He has collected all our tears in a bottle and has recorded each one in HIS book (Psalm 56:8)

21 years and counting…


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