Nymavu | 27


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Nymavu | 27
Nymavu | 27
Evoking the peaceful vibe of calm beaches, this scent is a breath of fresh air. Bringing the calming breezes to you, its ozonic scent, akin to a splash of water, salt, and sand, creates a therapeutic serenity.
With a soft delicateness of the scent of Jasmine sprinkled with morning dew, it bursts with a relaxing freshness that immediately soothes the senses, with vibrant scents of the exotic ylang-ylang perfectly blending with the jasmine to instill an olfactory wonder.
Its uniquely scented fragrance has a simplicity that is charming, making you feel comfortable and truly at home. Made to give you satisfaction, its long burning duration gives you the goodness of its alluring fragrances for long, filling your home with beautiful aromas.
A beautiful contrast between the charms of land and sea, it is perfect for making your home feel cozy, entwined with rich benzoin resin that guarantees the best.

Jasmine + Eau de mer + Soft musk

Refreshing + Relating + Beautiful  
More to Love:
• Created Using Soy Wax
• Wooden Wicks
• 60+ Hour Burn Time
• Available In 4oz Travel Tins, 10oz, And 14oz Matte Black Jars

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Naomi Webb-Lugo
I love them all!

Wow just wow! I can’t just say I love one scent I love them all. They bring so much peace and joy, so therapeutic. Some of the best customer service! She’s always adding a special touch, whether it’s making a surprise custom candle or sending special goodies for Galentines day!

-A Forever customer